What We Offer

From social risk to social value
Covox offers companies a unique approach to managing social risk that is specifically tailored to long supply chains in manufacturing, the extractive industries, forestry and agribusiness. It does so by providing management with a tool to monitor and respond to the perceptions of workers and people in surrounding communities.

Continuous feedback
Using cell phones and other data collection tools and methods, we generate a continuous flow of feedback about worker and community perceptions on key risks in the supply chain – from job satisfaction and safety to compliance and social license to operate. As circumstances change, we add new questions so feedback data speaks to your most pressing supply chain challenges

Trust, confidentiality and anonymity
Our Constituent Voice™ system creates a safe space in which respondents can respond honestly and candidly because of the confidentiality and anonymity of the process. Further, it demonstrates your company’s commitment to hearing directly from your key constituents and responding creatively to their concerns.

Complements social investments
Covox de-risks existing workforce and community relationships by surfacing the views of these key constituents in a way that allows our clients to manage constituent expectations. Constituent Voice™ data is analyzed against working conditions and community investments in ways that reveal low-cost ways to improve outcomes in these ares, arising from working conditions and community investments.

Beyond compliance
Our people-based supply chain intelligence enables clients to monitor compliance with their codes of conduct while providing a robust model for gathering new insights that can be triangulated with data obtained through regular KPI collection and audits.

Drivers of risk
Covox identifies the drivers of social risks related to: legacy issues (e.g., land claims) and contingent liabilities; wages; fairness; working conditions; safety; expressed needs; social and economic impacts in communities; social/community investments; and natural resource impacts. It then reframes worker and community expectations and comes up with solutions.

Insights for managers
Covox correlates feedback data to other metrics such as absenteeism, productivity levels and other antagonistic behaviours in ways that helps companies understand the causes, anticipate future trends, mitigate risks and create new shared value. Continuing monitoring also provides data on the effectiveness of the company’s risk management and value creation activities.

Supply chain solutions
Covox works with you and your local partners to implement improvements in constituent relationships and social investments. We provide the full range of support required to establish the local capacity for sustained improvement in managing risks and creating new value with constituents, including ongoing feedback data collection & analysis, advice, training, and communications.