What We’ve Done

Covox has refined its approach and methodology over a decade working with clients in many different countries. Our mandates include the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, USAID, the International Finance Corporation, the KFW Bank Group, the floor tile giant Interface, and private investors such as the Global Environment Fund.

We have learned effective ways of collecting perceptual data in many contexts (what to ask, how to ask it, what technologies to use and how to manage the data), how best to analyze and visualize the data and, most importantly, how to help clients respond to feedback in ways that deepen insights and strengthen relationships.

Covox helps clients understand and address supply chain risks in a range of settings from smallholder agriculture and agribusiness to forestry and industrial manufacturing. We have surveyed and compiled comparative data on over 10,000 workers and other constituents of the supply chain including service contractors, farmers and their suppliers, citizens in affected communities, and public officials.